Life Groups

General Information

The purpose of Life Groups is to connect people (members and non-members) in a small group to Jesus, His family, and His mission.  This is accomplished through study of the Word, prayer, and fellowship and service.
Co-ed, Couples, Men's, Women's, Young Adult
Time and Location: 
Life Groups generally follow this rhythmJanuary Start:  Each Life Group Facilitator may determine his/her/their own study topic with the assistance and approval of the Staff Life Group Systems leader. September Start:  Each Life Group will study the same topic as determined by the pastors.  The topic will correlate to the Sunday morning worship themes. Summer Life Group Events:  Events like presenters and fellowship meals (4 or so in June and July) have been scheduled in the past.  These events serve as ways for the entire fellowship of Life Group participants to get together.

The current schedule of Life Groups has included a semester beginning in January and September, with weekly gatherings and typically lasts for 10 consecutive weeks.  Meeting locations vary between homes or the church building.  Group size is encouraged to be 4-8 people.  Life Groups are not meant to be a classroom lecture or a Bible study led by one person.  Each group is equipped with a facilitator to coordinate, organize, and generate discussions and missional activities in order for the group to get invested and thrive.  A Life Group is a safe place to belong, share life, and share God’s Word together.

Each group becomes unique because its participants are unique!  Many groups find opportunities to volunteer and fellowship in addition to the regular weekly gathering.  If you are interested in participating, contact Pastor Jason for more information.

2020 Fall Session: Ezra and Nehemiah

This Fall session of Life Groups will focus on Renewing, Redeeming, and Rebuilding as we go through Ezra and Nehemiah as a Church. The lessons each week will be based off the preaching from the previous Sunday! Hope you will join us!
This group is Co-ed.
Time and Location: 
Wednesdays at 10:30 am98 Campus and Zoom

Pastor Jason is leading this group at the 98 Campus and on Zoom. This group will remain open throughout the semester. Please feel free to join as you can.

The Zoom information is as follows:

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Meeting ID: 822 2627 7480


Please Contact Pastor Jason with any questions:

850-267-0322 (office phone)

Year Round: Samson Society

Need a safe place to connect with Christian men and be encouraged? By safe I am not just referring to COVID 19 but a confidential group where there is no judgment or advice. Just guys who care and are there. You may seek advice out of the meeting but our meeting time is reserved to discuss the topic, God's Word, and prayer. We will start at 7:00 pm and end at 8:00 pm on Zoom. We would love for you to join via Zoom, or in person in the Bistro at the 98 Campus.
Men's LifeGroup
Time and Location: 
Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm98 Campus and Virtual on Zoom

On your laptop, Ipad, or smartphone - Connect by video (yes, you will see others and they will see you).  This will allow you to see, talk, and chat with participants.

Click this link

Pass-code: 090014

 And then agree to enter with video and audio through your internet.

If you have any trouble connecting please call Pastor Jason cell 850-520-0800.  He will be online a 6:45 pm to assist anyone.