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About Hope

a simple way to connect to jesus


Hope on the Beach Church's mission is aligned to God's heart of loving others. As the Apostle Paul said, Christ's love compels us. Our mission is to be A Simple Way to Connect to Jesus. Our mission is not just about what we do but who we are. It is the only organization that God has instituted for the sole purpose of connecting people to Jesus, His Family, and His Mission!

vision: What's on the Horizon

We at Hope on the Beach Church are committed to the mission of being a simple way to connect to Jesus in unique places where people live, work and play! 


In spite of how the name Lutheran may sound, we are followers of Jesus Christ, not Martin Luther. We call ourselves Lutherans because, like Luther, we believe that the center of the Christian message is the cross of Jesus Christ. Like Luther, we believe that the Bible is not a book of morals, but a song of redemptive love. But most of all, like Luther, we believe that God says what He means and means what He says. If you happen to share these beliefs, then it looks like maybe, you’re a Lutheran, too.

our story

South Walton Hope Lutheran Church started in 1998 with help from Grace Lutheran and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. A very small group of people who faithfully followed Jesus, Hope moved around in the early years and was in more than 15 locations. No matter where they gathered, they focused on Christ and loving and caring for people. On Easter of 2003 Hope started its first worship on the Beach at Ed Walline Beach. They continued to meet in the summer and became a year-round service. After years of interim Pastors, Hope called Pastor Jason Scheler to be their first full-time Pastor 2009. By God’s grace, the Hope family continues to grow from a small group of 12 to averaging 200 worshippers a weekend. The Easter Beach services have more than 2000 that attend.

The heartbeat of Hope is to be the light of Christ to South Walton and beyond by providing a simple way to connect to Jesus, His family, and His mission.  In 2015, Hope officially dedicated its current building.  The Hope family shined brighter and brighter as it extended Christ’s love into the community. In the spring of 2018, Hope was asked to start a worship experience at Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar.  At Christmas of 2018, Hope added a new worship experience on Inlet Beach.  Once again, a small group of people made a new beginning as an expansion of Hope on the Beach’s ministry, and we are hopeful in what God is going to do in this new location.  In January of 2019, Hope added a Vicar, Jacob Scheler, through a distance learning program in which he is studying to become an ordained pastor.  In 2020, Hope was again asked to start another worship experience at Seascape Resort on the beach in the evening. Hope is also excited to have expanded its online worship presence to live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and on our Website.

Since COVID-19, Hope on the Beach Church has adjusted to worshiping outside in the Gulley Amphitheatre at Gulf Place, at the 98 Church Campus, and on the beach in Seascape beside Whale’s Tale. By God’s grace we will continue to add other venues where people live, work, and play. Hope aims to help people make new beginnings in their relationship with Christ and His Church, lasting friendships where we grow deeper together in Christ and with each other, and a difference together united we serve to share the great love of Christ.

Core values

  • Acceptance: Everyone is a child of God and treated like family. John 3:17
  • Compassionate Community: We seek to serve and care for others. Acts 2:44-46
  • Spirit-Led Bible Based Lutheran Church: God's Word is the same but our methods may vary to fulfill His mission. 1 Cor 9:22-23
  • Worship: Worshiping together is a priority. Acts 2:42/John 4:24
  • Transformation: Christ changes you and changes those around you. 2 Cor 3:18
  • Passing on the Passion: Sharing life and faith with others, especially the next generation. Psalm 22:30-31

Worship Values

  • Non-Judgemental 
  • Biblical Preaching
  • Good Music
  • Casual Dress
  • Fellowship
  • Fun


Dale Puhrmann—President

Milton Siegele—Vice President

Michael Guenther—Treasurer

McCoy Matthias
Financial Secretary

Cheryl Matthews
Recording Secretary


  • Dan Fink
  • Jeff Moody
  • James Roberson
  • Mike Geihsler
  • Rich Lindemann
  • Don Patrick
  • David Behrel
  • Jerry Holditch
  • Patrick Alexander